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Surveying and Mapping

The Surveys and Mapping Division offers several products and services, including:
General Products of the Surveys and Mapping Division:
  • Building and maintaining the national geodetic control network
  • Surveying and mapping for delimitation, acquisition and alienation of government lands
  • Checking and drawing of survey plans in accordance with the Land Surveyor’s Act
  • Providing cadastral, topographic, hydrographic and other basic mapping services
  • Arbitration in the case of objections to surveys
  • Providing technical services for the Land Titles Division
  • Coordination and supervision of aerial photography within the public service
  • Providing surveying and land information.
  • Supervision of contracts for surveys executed on behalf of the National Land Agency (NLA)
Cadastral Surveys and Mapping products and services:
  • The preparation of description of lands for the purpose of the Registration of Titles Act by plan and computation of areas of parcels from cadastral surveys.
  • Compilation of cadastral maps.
  • The checking of cadastral plans
  • The drawing of plans for annexation to Certificates of Title, on the request of the Registrar of Titles.
  • The resolution of dual registration of parcels or strips of land.
  • Any objection to surveys may be referred to the Director of Surveys and Mapping for arbitration.
Topographic and Hydrographic products and services:
  • The provision of major and minor horizontal and vertical control surveys
  • The preparation of topographic maps at varying scales
  • The coordination and stewardship of aerial photographs in the public sector
  • The provision of large scale topographic surveys for development projects
  • The hydrography of harbours and coastal waters

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