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Registering your land under the Registration of Titles Act and obtaining a registered title provides a safe and simple way of dealing with your property.

Some advantages of having a registered title are:-

1. A Registered Title gives a quick up-to-date official record of who owns the land and individuals do not have to do any research as to the history of the title to the land i.e. what in layman terms is ownership.

2. A Registered Title is state guaranteed. If you have suffered a loss of an estate of interest in land because of a mistake or omission in the register by the Registrar you may be able to get compensation.

3. Disputes regarding the ownership or rights over the land might be resolved more easily.

4. Once registered by plan each title is given an official plan of the land, and this can be used to prevent any encroachment by trespass on the boundaries.

5. The Register Book is public record of ownership. A registered Title has several parts. It gives:

(a) the name of the current owner, 
(b) the location and description of the property, 
(c) restrictive covenants that restrict how owners can use the land,  
(d) easements (for example a right of way)  that affects the property, 
(e) outstanding mortgages, charges or 
(f) caveats or warnings that affect the property.

6. The Registered Title is simple and easy to understand; a Conveyance or a Deed at common law is more complex and subject to technicalities such as entry at the Island Records Office for its full effect.

7. All financial institutions or individual will want any loan secured by a Registered Title.

8.  If a registered owner wants to sells his property then he only need to show the prospective buyer the Registered Title and does not have to produce other proof of ownership and the buyer does not have to peruse a host of complex legal documents proving ownership.

9. Dealings with land can take place with confidence for example, buyers and lending institutions can safely accept the Certificate of Title without looking beyond the face of the Title and can protect themselves by making an official search of the register and requesting a Search Certificate which binds the Titles Office. If you suffer a loss as a result of a mistake made by the Titles Office you may be able to claim compensation.

10. Registering your land reduces the cost of dealing with land.  It makes land records simpler and protects a bona fide purchaser for value in a case of fraudulent dealing.

If you have any queries, our staff will be happy to assist you.  Please note that we cannot give you legal advice and will not be able to comment on your unregistered land unless we have received an application to register the title to the land. However, we will assist by explaining how you go about obtaining a registered title for your land.   In any event, you are advised to retain a professional lawyer to advise and act for you.

Please refer to our website which has details on what is required to be submitted to us when applying for a title and the procedure in issuing the Title.


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