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An Application to note change of name may be required where a corporation or an individual changes its name from that which is registered on Title to a new name either in accordance with the relevant Legislation which brought the corporation into existence or by deed poll in the case of an individual.

How the Application is Made

The application is by way of a statutory declaration by the applicant which must be attested by a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public.  A joint proprietor must join in the application.

Where the application is being made by a corporation, the application must be supported by a declaration made by a duly authorized officer of the company.  The application is to be executed under the Corporate seal in accordance with the company’s statute.

The corporation must submit the relevant document effecting the change of name.  Where the declaration is signed by the duly authorized officers of the company, it must be done under the seal of the company.

Where the application is done by an individual a recorded deed poll must be submitted.  The deed poll must be assessed for stamp duty and recorded at the Island Records office.

The name of the registered owner stated on Title must be reconciled with the new name stated in the deed poll.

The fee for lodging an application to note change of name is One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) and the fee for making the amendment (Fee No. 39) is $500 or such further fee depending on the difficulty involved.

General Notes

The application form is readily available on our website or the intranet.  The duplicate Certificate of Title must be presented.


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