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When a plot of land is surveyed for the purpose of registration or transfer under the Registration of Titles Act, the land surveyor prepares a diagram or plan that is submitted to the Surveys and Mapping Division of the National Land Agency to be checked. The Division has the legal responsibility for checking cadastral surveys for adherence to the Land Surveyor’s Act and Regulations as well as the Registration of Titles Act.

Vital Information required on a Pre-Checked Plan:

  1. The name and signature of the surveyor
  2. The land size (area)
  3. The method of survey (compass or Theodolite)
  4. The scale at which the plan is drawn
  5. The name and address of adjoining owners/occupants
  6. The name and location of the property surveyed
  7. The date of the survey
  8. The name of persons served with notice of survey
  9. The names of all whom were present for the survey
  10. The orientation of the survey (Magnetic, True or Grid North)



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