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We would like to ensure that your documents are processed expeditiously. Please take some time to review the list below which highlights, some of the most frequent reasons for rejection of Lost Title Applications. Please check your documents thoroughly against this list before lodging the application to minimise the risk of rejection.

  • Documents not dated.
  • Failing to describe the land fully as on Certificate of Title.
  • Not submitting Supporting Statutory Declaration from other interested parties.
  • Failing to indicate who had access to the Duplicate Certificate of Title.
  • Failing to indicate what searches were made for the missing Duplicate Title.
  • The application not being made in the form of a Statutory Declaration.
  • Failing to negative the deposit of the Duplicate Title as security or lien with any person or institution.
  • Failing to indicate what enquiries were made in an effort to locate the Duplicate and with what result.
  • Failing to state the value of the land described in the Certificate of Title with all improvements thereon.
  • Failing to give undertaking to return the missing Duplicate Title to the Registrar for cancellation if same is later found.
  • Failing to expressly apply for the cancellation of the lost Certificate of Title and for a new one to be issued in its place.

In circumstances where the applicant has lodged other documents for registration along with the application for lost title:

  • Failing to request that the Registrar dispense with production of the Duplicate Title and register the said documents on the Original and pay additional fees for same.


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