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Indra Vincent | The Trade Board Limited

The two months I spent in the NLA conference Room was very well spent. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to attend this 8-week Conveyancing Workshop as I have learnt. I was reluctant initially to pay for this course seven (7) months in advance, but after having failed 3 attempts at registering for the course, I then decided to and it was worth every penny I paid. Not only were the presenters knowledgeable in the areas they presented, but they presented the materials in a simple, easy to understand and professional manner. They all took the time to explain, ventilate and answer questions asked of them. The course was enlightening and the information garnered will definitely be useful to me in my practice. I must also speak to the support staff, Michica and Christine who were very helpful and polite. They ensured that the additional notes were sent out on time before each class. They assisted in the daily operation of the course and are very pleasant. The hands-on facilitators must also be recognized as they, in small groups further explained the presentations and delved more into each area presented in the general class presentation. They too were very facilitating.

I would recommend this course.


Rosemarie A. Anderson | Rosemarie Anderson Attorney-at-Law

The decision to spend $60,000 and eight weeks away from my office to attend the conveyancing series was a difficult one.  It was with great trepidation that I registered, paid for and showed up the first day of the series.  To my great surprise, the first presenter, the second presenter and all the other presenters following were superb.  They were knowledgeable and open to any and all questions, ensuring that every participant's questions were answered satisfactorily.  The information provided was extensive and relevant.  Needless to say my fears were not only unrealized but unnecessary.  I highly recommend this program for anyone serious about providing superb conveyancing services to clients.  In addition to the superb presenters, our group was every small, eager to learn and easy to get along with.  I learned more than I expected.  GO NLA!!!





Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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