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Standards for the Preparation of Documents

All documents submitted to the Land Titles Division of the National Land Agency will be preserved as microfilmed or scanned images.  To produce a readable copy the quality of the original documents is critical.  Therefore, the following standards must be adhered to when submitting documents.


We now require that all documents be submitted free from erasure or use of liquid paper.  In correcting errors please delineate by neatly drawing a line through the matter to be deleted and interlineating the corrected item.

All documents submitted should be:

  1.  on a standard paper weight of 75 grams per square metre;
  2.  the instruments and supporting documents should not be folded;
  3.  on white paper;
  4.  sufficiently non-absorbent to prevent in spread and;
  5. free from discolouration and;
  6.  completed using black or dark blue ink only.


Note the standard copy paper conforms to the above standard.

When was this new standard be implemented?

July 1, 2003

Where can you address any queries?

You may contact us at the Land Titles Division, 93 Hanover, Street, Kingston, Telephone 750-5263, 946-5263; Fax 922-3858 or email us at


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