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Restrictive Covenant

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Restrictive Covenant

Restrictive covenant is a solemn agreement between a Vendor and Purchaser where the purchaser covenants with the vendor of land that he will not do certain acts in respect of the land and which enure for the benefit of the vendor.

Advantages of Having a Registered Title

Registering your land under the Registration of Titles Act and obtaining a registered title provides a safe and simple way of dealing with your property.

Some advantages of having a registered title are:-

1. A Registered Title gives a quick up-to-date official record of who owns the land and individuals do not have to do any research as to the history of the title to the land i.e. what in layman terms is ownership.

Standards for the Preparation of Documents

Standards for the Preparation of Documents

All documents submitted to the Land Titles Division of the National Land Agency will be preserved as microfilmed or scanned images.  To produce a readable copy the quality of the original documents is critical.  Therefore, the following standards must be adhered to when submitting documents.


Dealings by a Company

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