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Anthony Boyd, Manager, Loan Recoveries of Scotiabank - “Most of us were glad to be on the course and having reached here, we all can say it’s a good place to have been. We have learnt so much, even things that we thought we knew; we now know otherwise,” he continued...The entire course was so professionally done. The CD I received encapsulates everything that we’ve learnt on the course – the forms, all the presentations and study materials. NLA is indeed a University.”




A. Fay Walters, Paralegal, National Commercial Bank - “I am now able to speak with authority and make proper references to the Registration of Titles Act (the Act that governs the Agency’s Land Titling operations). I appreciate the camaraderie here and am happy to have met the persons of the NLA whose names I would only see on documents. The NLA now expects us to empower others with the knowledge we have acquired…Other statutory bodies should emulate what the NLA has done to educate its customers so as to make doing business with them much easier. I hope this will be a template for other Government agencies to follow.”



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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