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Francis Bacon in Meditation Sacrae posited that ‘Knowledge itself is power’.
Kudos NLA!  Your Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop has been a fountain of knowledge. You have certainly empowered me and my colleagues. Initially, I was reluctant to spend five days away from my desk to attend the workshop but it turned out to be one of the most important and invaluable experiences I have had so far this year.  I found the course topics to be comprehensive and very relevant to performance not only on the job but to everyday land issues faced not just by myself but others with whom I interact. The overall experience was enriched by the organization of the course, the gifted presenters who were truly impressive in the way they engaged the participants and of course the sharing experiences of the participants in a lively and friendly manner that was stimulating, enlightening and rewarding.Margaret Fuller in 2007 said ‘If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it’.   So at First Regional Credit Union, where we you get interest on your money and interest in you’ this knowledge gained will be shared not just with the staff but with the members in whom we are interested.
Congratulations NLA for preparing such a comprehensive, valuable and genuinely instructive workshop which I would not hesitate to recommend.
Ardford Billings
Divisional Manager
First Regional Co-operative Credit Union Limited

As an Attorney at Law and Sole Practitioner, when I heard about the NLA workshop my first reaction was one of sticker shock- why is this workshop so expensive?  Further, attending was going to prove to be a scheduling nightmare, with a heavy court schedule and being required to be out of office for two days per week over a two and a half week period, was going to be a huge sacrifice.  I could think of a million reasons NOT to attend.   However, the opportunity to interface with persons from the Land Titles Division whose names appear on the return reports and the overwhelming positive feedback from other Attorneys who have attended previously, were ultimately the deciding factors which got me over my initial sticker shock.

The sacrifice was worth it, as this workshop has gone above and beyond my expectations.  The course outline has been comprehensive and the presenters have been excellent, zooming in on the germane areas where as Practitioners we "get it wrong" thereby causing document rejections. These Presenters were mostly the persons in charge of the various departments who could give hands on advice, stories, suggestions and overall tips on how to "get it right". And yes, I learned quite a few new things as well, as this was like a continuing education seminar, a well needed refresher course. Bringing Land Under the RTA, Easements, Restrictive Covenants, Leases, Vesting Applications, Strata, Mortgages and Foreclosure are but a few of the areas presented on. And no, this was not just a Land Titles seminar.  The power point presentations from the Land Valuation, Survey and Mapping Departments were excellent and gave me new insight into how much work really goes into what we may view as a 'simple" lodgement of a document. I can now properly read a survey diagram thanks to Major Aiken and now know what certain notations on the diagram mean, prompting me to schedule a meeting with a few surveyors! 

But not attending and just getting the CDS and handouts would not have been enough either, as my group comprised of persons not only in the legal field, but persons from the banking sector, surveyors and even a developer.  The questions they posed opened up my mind to so many different perspectives and interfacing with them as well as the NLA staff was priceless.   There were many "aha" moments for all of us as the workshop has truly highlighted the wide scope and reach of the National Land Agency and its importance to our society on a whole.

I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues and their support staff and would hope that the NLA considers hosting more workshops/seminars in western Jamaica.

Annmarie S. Brown


The Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop equipped its participants with what I have been calling “the secrets of NLA” i.e. we have been equipped with a wealth of knowledge which has increased my theoretical and practical understanding of the services that NLA offers and which will undoubtedly result in increased efficiency and productivity. This Workshop rejuvenated me and has increased my self confidence as I learnt a lot of valuable information and gained noteworthy reinforcement of my knowledge of the Land Registration and Conveyancing practices.  

The presenters were thorough, friendly and made the experience a delightful one.

I highly recommend this Workshop to everyone who has to interact with NLA, as it highlights the process and synergy of all the agencies in the NLA and gives the participant a greater appreciation of the services offered by the NLA.
Great job guys!!!

Marsha Brooks
Paralegal Officer
Noranda Bauxite Limited


The course has tremendous relevance for anyone involved in real estate matters. The added bonus is to meet the actual staff and interact about actual cases and find them to be very helpful!
Also, congratulations on your internal control improvement such as sim-lodge! 

Thanks to you all.

Patrick Green.



The Training Course has equipped me with valuable information resulting in me becoming more knowledgeable of Land Law as it relates to unregistered parcel of land.
With additional knowledge and information gained, these will empower me to better assist land owners to have unregistered land brought under the Registration of Titles Act (RTA).
Doreen Harding




The training seminar has been quite informative, and an eye opener, it refreshed some aspects of registration of lands process and introduced some facets as well. 
I would definitely recommend this course to all Surveyors, Attorneys-at-Law and persons in the legal profession, persons in the banking/financial sector where their core operations are mortgages.
Dwayne Powell
Noranda Jamaica



As a new business, the workshop benefitted me immensely and the issuing of a certificate is an added bonus. The areas covered were very relevant and the facilitators were insightful and refreshing and in touch with the challenges faced by the public. I am now able to use the information collected to better serve my customers and be more efficient thereby reducing the rejection of my documents.I strongly recommend this workshop to other paralegals since a lot of new data is presented and one is given the opportunity to interact with the legal officers of the NLA.
Thank you NLA for listening!!!
Michelle Purchase-Giscombe
CEO, Professional Paralegal Services, St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica



Having worked for my boss for 18 years, this course was so well packed that I feel like an Attorney-at-Law.  The information was informative and clear, the lecturers/speakers were friendly, and made us feel that they were here for us.  The information was valuable and gave us a better inside view of how the Land Titles Division operated.  Thus we will be better able to work with them as part of a “well-oiled” Agency.  “Dead-on” error free documents will be our goal!
Thanks a plenty. 
Sandra Ramcharan (Mrs.)
Legal Secretary for
Jacqueline A. Hamilton (Mrs.) Attorney-at-Law



Having recently completed Law School, I thought that The Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop offered by the National Land Agency would bring tremendous insight into the conveyancing process from a practical standpoint. I now have an awareness of the procedure for making various applications under the Registration of Titles Act, as well as some of the common obstacles and solutions to application processing.  The most valuable part of the whole experience has been the interaction between all the players in the process.   Practitioners have been able to raise real challenges to which they have been provided practical solutions by the NLA presenters, but similarly, participants have benefitted from the interaction as a dynamic group of mortgaging companies, land surveyors, attorneys, paralegals and officers in land acquisition. I did not anticipate the volume of information that would flow from the workshops, which kept participants constantly engaged and largely on time for presentations.  I am truly grateful to NLA and their presenters for providing this forum and now look forward to making my first application with confidence.  Thank you NLA! 
Ellory Taylor



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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