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“The snippets of information gleaned from the Workshop, whether unknown or forgotten, are invaluable to the practice of conveyancing and law in general and made the Workshop worth the time and cost for me. The Workshop makes for a much wiser Counsel and for this reason, every Attorney-at-Law, should participate in it.”

Susan Gordon




The National Land Agency Conveyance Workshop was very educational.

I enjoyed all the topics that were presented.  The hands on training and the one to one interaction with the presenters on Caveats, New CT, Registration and Memo were very versed on these topics.

As a paralegal I now understand the importance to pay attention to details.
This Training Workshop has given me the tool to complete the documents properly which will reduce the chance of rejection at the National Land Agency.

The Workshop overall is a necessity for all Lawyers, Para-Legals and Admin Assistants in this line of work.

I really did enjoy, learn and appreciate.


Janice Lee-Mitchell
Darby Darby & Associates.


The National Land Agency initiated a Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop which included presentations on the policies, practices and procedures of the Office of Titles.

The Agency describes the course thus
“..course designed to equip and provide participants with in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive and detailed consideration of aspects of Land Law and its practice at the National Land Agency”

By having various subjects presented by the persons in the departments having responsibility for the particular subject the participants were able to meet and interact with those persons who could address the problem being explored and which fostered the beginnings of a friendly, cooperative and professional relationship.

The Presenters were all professional, confident and well informed about the subject matter of their presentations. The informal approached engendered a relaxed atmosphere where participants were encouraged to ask questions and debate matters about which there was some uncertainty or lack of understanding.

The printed handouts reinforced the ability of participants to absorb what was being imparted as well as giving us the opportunity to review these documents at our leisure.

All of the presenters went out of their way to ensure that participants understood that they were there to help, advise and assist to achieve more expeditious service and most important that they were accessible to us when needed.

While the was some law content if I were to offer a criticism it would be that the law content of the seminar could be widened.

It is undeniable that the Seminar achieved the objective of enabling practitioners, paralegals and other administrative professionals to be better educated about the procedures of the Agency thereby making them better able to assist their customers or organisations by providing expeditious and efficient service based on knowledge of the subject matter being addressed.

I should like to congratulate the Office of Titles and their officers on the presentation of a well thought out, well presented seminar which will only engender better working relationships and to say that it was to me a wonderful learning opportunity.




Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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