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Stacey M. Darling, Lex Caribbean 
When I learnt of this workshop I instantly knew that I had to be a participant because Lex Caribbean (my employers) conducts regular business with the NLA.  There are no regrets for having participated in this workshop as I have garnered a significant wealth of knowledge about the operations at the NLA to ensure that my documents are of a higher standard when presented for registration.  This workshop was long overdue.

The NLA staff (from Customer Service up to the Registrar’s Office) is easy to talk to, efficient and helpful.  I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues and anyone who has to conduct business with NLA.  The workshop is detailed and it enlightens you on how to reduce document rejections, as they showcase the efficiency of the new and improved technology-savvy NLA.  I certainly have a new appreciation for the work done at the NLA.  Thanks … monies and time well spent!


Wow, what a great learning experience.  It is refreshing to have a workshop exceed your expectations.   From the moment the process started, it was clear that the NLA left no stone unturned in order to expand the knowledge of Land Registration and Conveyancing for each participant.   All the presenters are to be commended for the depth and breadth of the content of their presentations.   Not only was the workshop value for money, more importantly, it is invaluable.

E. Cadogan
H & R Developers Ltd.
March 8, 2011


To say that this workshop was good would be an understatement.  I would say,  the implementation of this workshop was a unique, highly effective way for NLA to educate its customers and to assist them in understanding the accepted standards at the NLA, thereby facilitating the preparation of quality documents for processing.

I must commend the friendly, yet professional and knowledgeable team who worked very hard in making this workshop a success.

With the knowledge imparted, I can now prepare my documents with extreme confidence, and being well equipped, I am able to advise my peers on issues relating to land matters.  I would highly recommend this workshop to my associates in the legal field.
Mikiann Hyams-Barrett
Legal Assistant Williams & Young,

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it vanishes.” Peter F Drucker

Before participating in the National Land Agency Conveyancing Workshop, I thought as a Law Student and Legal Secretary I undoubtedly understood all the intricacies of Land Law. However, each week revealed I did not know as much as I thought I knew. 
Obviously John F Kennedy was absolutely right when he wrote “The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.”

Driven by an insatiable appetite for knowledge and success I pushed my ego aside and prepared to embrace the diverse archive of knowledge the workshop had to offer.

The theoretical presentations each week were in depth, thoroughly researched and brought greater clarity to several challenging areas such as land surveying and valuation. I must admit at the end of many presentations, like Archimedes I internally shouted Eureka! Eureka! for the new found knowledge I had discovered.

 The practical training perfectly complemented the theoretical sessions. Not only did it enhance my comprehension of the technical procedures involved in conveyancing, but it opened my eyes to the crucial inter-connective role each department consistently plays in the effective operation of the Agency.

The passion, tolerance and dedication of the presenters and workshop co-ordinators must be commended. It was their hard work, positive attitude and professionalism that peaked my interest and maintained my focus throughout the programme.

At the end of this workshop, I have garnered a greater understanding of case law and statutes such as the Registration of Titles Act and Land Valuation Act, now I have the ability to speak with more confidence and authority on any area of conveyancing, 
I have also begun to apply greater precision in the preparation and drafting of documents and last but not least, I have acquired a new respect for the meticulous work of the National Land Agency. 

Based on my holistic experience I would implore law students, legal secretaries, Attorneys, and anyone else who has a keen interest in Conveyancing to invest in The National Land Agency Conveyancing Workshop. It is a fulfilling experience which one will never regret.

Tiffany Stewart



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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