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The National Land Agency’s Land Registration and Conveyancing Training Workshop is a “must-do” for those working in the field. The course provides insight into the practice of the agency as well as the rules about what you must and (more importantly) what you must not do to ensure successful transactions.

The training is delivered by competent individuals who answer the many questions posed to them both willingly and efficiently.  The materials used are examples of real applications and therefore highlights practical everyday issues. Hands-on sessions in the final weeks of the program really allow you to spend some time in the different departments and put into practice what you have learned.

Overall, the workshop is beneficial to legal practitioners, old and young alike, as well as non-legal practitioners. The diversity of the attendees is an added benefit as you not only learn from
the presenters, but from each other as well.

Sasha-Kay Gilzean
Nunes, Scholefield Deleon & Co.


I am truly happy to be afforded the opportunity to be one of the participants in this workshop facilitated by the National Land Agency (NLA). Over the past eight weeks, the enthusiasm of the other 18 participants in the workshop told a story of success. They too thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
Like me, I am sure the other participants found it challenging to take the time from their respective employment to participate but after the 1st session of the workshop, the knowledge garnered was proof that sacrifice was more than worthwhile.
The facilitators were knowledgeable in their respective areas and fully engaged the attention and participation of the participants. We can now speak with authority in reference to the Registration of Titles Act (RTA) in all areas of conveyance.It was a great learning experience and one that allowed us to network with staff of the NLA. Those of us who work in the conveyance/legal areas are extremely delighted to learn firsthand that the staff of the NLA has improved greatly the turnaround time after lodging documents.I definitely will recommend others to this workshop and hope the NLA Team will lobby to have this course accredited.

Maureen Hendricks
Land Acquisition Assistant/Paralegal
Nation Road Operating & Constructing Company Limited



I am so happy that I was selected to attend the National Land Agency (NLA) Conveyance Workshop for eight (8) weeks and one (1) day.

Before participating in the NLA workshop, I thought I undoubtedly understood it all, however, each week revealed I did not know as much as I thought I knew.A very enlightening and fantastic experience.  It allowed me to have a better understanding of the importance and interactions of the various departments, the methods used and the sophistication of technology.

Most of the Presenters were at their best, and made it simple for us to understand.  They were very detailed, efficient and helpful and I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has to conduct business with NLA.  I must say this great learning workshop has increased my knowledge andwill forever be an asset to my job and anywhere I go as I have garnered a greater understanding in the field of conveyance.

I wish all the other Government Agencies, would follow in the footsteps of NLA, and conduct workshops like these, so that we on the outside will  have a better understanding of what goes on  on the inside.
The customer service and hospitality of NLA is of“par excellence” and today I can confidently and proudly say The National Land Agency is the best and No. 1  Government Agency existing  in Jamaica.  
This workshop was not only value for money, but more importantly, it is invaluable and certainly, I have a new appreciation for the work done at NLA.  It was a fulfilling experience which one will never regret.




Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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